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Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Tired of little creepy crawlers invading your home?  Having regularly scheduled pest control services being the only option. Don’t worry! The urban junggle is the solution for satisfactory living.

Urban Junggle is run by a team of young professionals who are passionate about eliminating pests from your premise. The pest management industry in India is dominated by unsafe and ineffective players whose job is to fleece money by literally doing nothing. They all claim to be genuine players with technical knowledge and experience of eliminating pests but end up blaming the client when the infestation goes up. The client is at the mercy of untrained technicians, who for sure do not know their job and are blindly following the same method at every premise without customizing the application one bit.  And the individual, as well as the commercial clients, have no options but to stay put with this horrendous level of pest management service in India.

Urban Junggle is run by a team of young professionals who are passionate about eliminating pests from your premise. It is India’s first and the only ISO 45001 and HACCP certified pest Management Company.  It is the only company in India which gives a guarantee on the services it offers so that pest is the last subject that you worry about. This is an organization that is passionate, believes in perseverance and playfulness and acts with pace.

The aim of the Urban juggle is to make India a pest-free nation and to ensure to stand out basis the quality of services. Urban juggle wants to change the way the pest management industry operates in India and intends to ensure quality service and offer peace of mind to the clients. The holistic approach towards pest management is a new journey that is being undertaken by Urban Junggle and is working hard to ensure that this journey is enjoyable for the clients. The company’s overall reviews for the best services and good products are 99% and for good quality, it is 98% so by this we will get to know the cautiousness, specificity and careful attitude of Urban junggle towards their works. Urban junggle has a deep knowledge of their work and bring it into successful existence.

Ant, Bedbug, Bird, Cockroach, Mosquito, Rodent, Spider, Termite, Wood borer management services they provide. The urban junggle technicians are well trained as well as much experienced with innovative pest control products and services & Safety, health, and environmental policies. Urban juggles take care of the health of their clients which is the plus point they have as many pest control services have harmful and toxic products. So let’s take a step ahead and say no to dangerous pest control welcoming the new and advanced Urban juggle management services.

Put a stop to your Pest Control problems

Increased urbanisation and busy lifestyles regularly lead to unhygienic conditions, as our cities are becoming extra crowded and dirty. The prevalence of pests and illnesses caused due to pests is sure to increase . In such an environment , pest control isn’t a luxury however a necessity . It is about staying healthy, disease-unfastened and happy.

The handiest manner of controlling pests is to opt for a expert pest control service. Not handiest will a professional service contend with your immediate trouble, it’s going to also (thru periodic checks and remedy) hold the problem constantly at bay.

You want expert pest management if:

  1. You have powder falling from your wood fixtures – that sounds like a serious woodborer attack. You see mud tubes on the wall – It approach that millions of termites are at paintings 24 x 7.

2.Your building already has termite problems in different flats – it approach your property is susceptible too You’re buying a new flat – always take a look at if preconstruction termite treatment has been performed by using the builder Your funding in furnishings is high – while you keep in mind the fee of pest manipulate vis-à-vis the value of the furniture, it’s miles sensible to put money into antitermite protection.

  1. You have vulnerable human beings such as kids or sick humans at domestic Traditionally, termites were controlled the usage of a repellent chemical that only repelled.

Unfortunately , this kind of remedy doesn’t kill termites at all and subsequently the colony below the floor remains absolutely unaffected. Also, as soon as the chemical’s movement wears off, termites re-input the residence destroying your precious assets.
On the alternative hand, present day pest manage groups use a non-repellent chemical, which is carried out around the periphery of the house. In case the white ants skip via the treated location the chemical sticks directly to their bodies. Thus, while the infected termite returns to its colony it passes at the chemical to other termites and subsequently the termite colony is destroyed.

Professional pest manipulate groups also offer pre-construction remedy this is performed at the same time as the constructing foundation is being laid. Typically, these are referred to as reticulation structures and are mounted by the pest manage enterprise during the building’s construction. Once hooked up, this system uses a network of pipes to deliver termiticide to all factors of the constructing. Reticulation structures are the best and efficient manner of delivering termiticide again and again over long periods of time to numerous components of a constructing.

Overall, reticulation systems have several blessings over modern termite control practices : a) They are much extra effective (compared to currently famous practices ). B) They make it simpler to top off termiticide. C) They are more cheap and much less destructive. D) They are environment-friendly that is because termiticide dosages may be cautiously planned, as a result making it possible to reduce the load at the environment.
E) They final for decades. F) They can be implemented in all kinds of buildings and properties. Progressive organizations have also launched innovative gel-bait generation to get rid of cockroaches.
So don’t worry, you’ve Urban Junggle for your rescue which will definitely save you from pests and make your home look prettier like before.
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