Rats, mice and other pests invade your home seeking the same comforts that you have – food, shelter and water. Regrettably, they’re a threat to property, health and sense of security & more than an inconvenience too.

Rodents have to continually gnaw on their teeth by keeping them grow long so, they gnaw they gnaw on anything. They die in walls and create foul odors, destroy property and belongings, leave their droppings behind, eat drywalls which create insulation and they can make noises in walls.

How to Know If You Have Rodents:

  • By Droppings: Usually Droppings the first clue of rodent infestation and these are firstly can be found in the pantry, kitchen cupboards and drawers. They are smooth with pointed ends and familiarly 3-5 mm long, depending on different type of species.
  • Odours: Its urine contains little musty odour in some poorly ventilated areas like pantry and kitchen cupboards.
  • Runaway and Grease marks: Greasy rub marks can be seen caused by rubbing repeatedly on runways. Rodents are neophobic so they follow same ways to their territory.
  • Sounds: If you can’t see them but you can probably hear them moving thourghout your roof void, subfloor areas, wall cavities or any hideous place of your house.
  • Burrows: Burrows can be found along with fences or walls under buildings and decks, vegetation, stored items, concrete slabs or wood piles.
  • Gnawing: Is the most seen evidence of Rodents everywhere like walls, ceilings, water pipes, ducting for your heaters and air-conditioning, electric cables, etc.


At Urban Junggle your premises can be treated using our exclusive multi dose bait in cakes and granules form.
We will treat harborage areas and the rodent entry points throughout your,
  • subfloor area (for concrete slab under your home floor)
  • internal harborage areas
  • burrows
  • roof void and eave line
  • external wall cavities

We ensure to keep your family and pets safe with usage of multi-dose treatment. The reason behind that we don’t use single feed baiting is because there is a greater risk of secondary poisoning.

Rodent Prevention Tips:

There are many different ways for homeowners to get rid of the rodent infestations present in their homes:

  • To install screens to chimneys and vents
  • Install exterior door seals on the bottom of doors
  • Seal cracks and holes inside and outside of home, including the areas where utilities and pipes enter
  • Dispose garbage regularly and store food in outside containers

Urban Junggle’s Exclusive Multi-Dose Rodent Treatment with money-back Guarantee:

  • Quick Same Day/ Next Day Service
  • Knowledgeable & Certified Technicians
  • Comprehensive Treatments to Control the Rodent Infestation!
  • Safe, Family Friendly Control Methods